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Because we have marketing at the heart of everything we do and with an extensive background in print, we design right, first time, every time.

We put massive importance on the original brief asking questions that are aimed at teasing out the exact purpose of what is being designed. This way when we make a start, we already know we are on the right path. 

This saves time and money so we all win.


WELL BRIEFLY SPEAKING, Nothing will keep us on track more than a clear brief. To help with this, we need to discuss the following:

Is the design work to be stand alone or is it part of a wider campaign and if so:

Who is the design work to be aimed towards - young, older, male, female, certain interests etc?

What are we trying to achieve by running this campaign?

If it's an advert or brochure, how do you want responses to come in, what communication channels do we have available for two way engagement and how can we include those channels and  measure the campaigns success? Do we need a code in the design that your customer or service user needs to include in their communication?

Here is a handy checklist that may help.


Some things to consider to get you started...

Title of the project:

Purpose of the project:

Who is it aimed at: internal staff or the public and if the public, which demographic are we targeting?

What budget will we be working to?

What timescales do we need to hit?

The more details we put in at this stage, the more effective and timely the campaign will be.