Are your social media posts running a bit flat? Does your website say exactly what it needs to say in a language your customers will understand? Are you getting enough business from your printed marketing collateral? Is your brand co-ordinated and the same across all media? Are you getting a reasonable return on your marketing investment? Have you considered a review of your current marketing strategy?

A traditional approach to marketing has always been to get your outbound marketing messages to the masses. The problem with that nowadays is those 'masses' are wise to this and do everything they can to block you out. I read an initeresting analogy of how this works when I started looking into INBOUND MARKETING.

"Traditional marketers looking to garner interest from new potential customers are like lions hunting in the jungle for elephants. The elephants used to be in the jungle in the '80s and '90s when they learned their trade, but they don't seem to be there anymore. They have all migrated to the watering holes on the savannah (the internet). So, rather than continuing to hunt in the jungle, I recommend setting up shop at the watering hole or turning your website into its own watering hole."


So what does that all mean?
It means we put ourselves out there to be found by people already learning about or shopping in our industry. A website is the hub for this type of marketing providing it is set up properly to attract visitors naturally through search engines, blogging and social media. It is reported that most marketeers spend 90% of their efforts on outbound marketing and only 10% on inbound.
Personally, I have implemented an Inbound campaign for a local Coventry Business whose efforts were all outbound historically. Since the build last year, leads have multiplied 10 fold. 

What's been the biggest difference?
Customers now come to them rather than them having to find the customers. By putting strategic messages out and concentrating on content that is easy to find, understand and applicaple to those looking at it, customers are now contacting them, whats more is that they are warm to hot leads as they have approached the business out of free will.

Can you prove that?
YES YES & YES.... Every blog, tweet, social media post, email and piece of marketing collateral now carries electronic calls to action (CTA). Everytime one of those  CTA's is triggered by being clicked on, followed, liked or a website / email form is filled in, an automated workflow triggers and alerts the company that they have had an engagement from a potential customer. It records how the customer came to engage and pulls their info into a portal allowing us to gather stats and further target messages to encourage engagement.

For further information on marketing, get in touch today...

We can come in or you can send us links to your sites, social media accounts or pdf's to your marketing and we will take a look at everything. We check it over and send you a no nonsense no jargon report on what you can do to improve your marketing message to give them a little more punch and you that edge above your competitors.